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We decided to have Cappadocia for our last trip. After a week we spent in and around Istanbul, we went on the road which is Cappadocia highway which is a great nature. we made a very nice bus journey between istanbul cappadocia for 8 hours. Cappadocia is within the borders of Newsehir province. We went to a special cave hotel here with Urgup te. Cave was used as a shelter for animal shelter and yard when the people who lived here in the past years used it as a new modern building after time and technology. Lakin was later accepted as a site area. It was a truculent place after it became a site. Therefore the cave that people use as warehouse or warehouse. It was such a beautiful restore. this serves as a boutique cave hotel. The cave hotel is very hot in winter, but in summer the cave is cold without human coat, but it is cold when you stay here. Finally, CAPPADOCIA is an active volcano formerly Hasan Dağ, and this place is formed by CAPPADOCIA, which is a flat barren soil after various nature effects with the lava cooling coming out from YANAR mountain. Cappadocia was spread over a very large area and we only walked 7 km near the daily tour during the day. When we have CAPPADOCIA, MArs is not istanbul tours able to feel like walking on the moon. In the vicinity of Cappadocia, there are classical Turkish villages and towns. In front of the houses were made into the extremely beautiful Apple gardens. The open-air breakfast guide, Ender BEy, was found in the lobby of the CAVE hotel, with all kinds of cheeses made in the villages in the morning, all organic, with a selection of eggs and olives. We had fresh breakfast juices and a nice breakfast beside it. first we took the private car and driver to CAPAH 09:00 Daily CAPPADOCIA and headed for the CAPPADOCIA open air museum. During this journey, there are many fairy chimneys. There are many caves in the valley, whether they are fairy chests or not. Some of them are used as cave churches. Inside the cave church is a very beautiful Jesus painting and mary paintings and religious motifs suitable for many Christian religions were made as mosaics. In the paintings made inside the cave churches with a minimum age of 300-400 years, the natural root painting was used, so there was very little color fading over time. TAVI used this cave as a living space. There is a single kitchen with several rooms. After Cappadocia Devrent Valley there was the Pigeon valley. We watched the great flights of pigeons. Finally, we went to Uc Fortress and the view of CAPPADOCIA from here was incredibly beautiful.